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The Balkan peninsula,as a unique geographical and natural region,offers to its inhabitants plenty of sun and a great variety of of inland,freshwater and sea fruits.It may be the reason why in its long history many invaders crossed its paths and stayed here for shorter or longer period of time,bringing along with them their customs and their eating habits.Aromas of the dishes both from the East and the West have been mingling here.

The Balkan dishes are greatly similar and at the same time greatly different.Each nation kept to its own customs,traditions, and local traits,as well as to its own dishes or ways of preparing them.Just as each member of a family has a favorite dish,each nation has a choice of favorite dishes,which are most frequently offered to the guests.

A specific feature of the Balkan cusine is the use of a great many spices,mostly stronger ones.Onion and garlic,tomato,parsley,dill and particularly small hot papers are to be found as inevitable folklore touches in the each of these cusines.

The dishes,the pictures of which are presented in colour,have been prepared,according to the original recipes from these pages,by the master of culinary skills Dusan Stulic,in the Bohemian quarter
"Skadarlija" in Belgrade,in the resturant "Dva bela goluba" (The Two White Doves).
I hope you will enjoy them and bon appetite!

Miroslav Antic -Mika